Travelling with your bike in the train in the Netherlands

Travelling by bike between Haarlem and Amsterdam

Can you travel by bike between Haarlem and Amsterdam ? Yes you can. Depending on how sporty you are feeling, or in how much a rush you are in, there are several option open to those wishing to travel to – or from – Haarlem by bike.

Taking your bike in the train in the Netherlands

Travelling with your bike in the train in the Netherlands
If travelling with your bike in the train in Holland, look out for the specially marked carriages.

Seeing as bicycles are the most popular forms of transport in Holland, it stands to reason that you can travel with your bike in the train. Of course there are a few restrictions, you need to take into account:

  • To take your bike in the train you need to buy a ticket for your bike, which costs EUR6,10. You buy this ticket from the OV machine before getting into the train. You can either buy a loose train ticket for your bike, or you can load it onto your OV chip card. Of course you also need a valid ticket for yourself.
  • Bikes are only permitted in the special bike carriages. These are usually in the middle of the train, and are marked with stickers on the doors. It is advisable to remain with your bike, so that it does not accidently leave the train with someone else.
  • You can only take your bike with you during off peak times. Off peak times are before 06h30, between 09h00 & 16h00, and after 18h30 Monday to Friday. Also weekends, public holidays and in the months of July and August are off peak (so you can then take your bike all day)
  • You cannot take bicycles on Intercity direct trains, except for folding bikes that are not more than 120 cm long and 90 cm wide when folded up
  • Folding bicycles may go free in the train (as handbaggage) at all times if they are folded up. Not tandem folding bikes though – these require a ticket.

Cycling between Amsterdam and Haarlem

Fietsroutenetwerk sign
Signs like these from the Fietsroutenetwerk help you find your way when cycling around Holland.

It is entirely possible to cycle between Amsterdam and Haarlem on the special bicycle paths. A one-way trip between the two cities is about 20km (around an hour cycling) – and is quite scenic. Check the online cycling route planner and follow the special signs for Haarlem.