De Adriaan windmill (Molen)

One of Haarlem’s most distinctive sights is the De Adriaan windmill. Located on the banks of the river Spaarne, it is a quintessentially Dutch landmark. And a guided tour of the mill should not be missed on your trip to Haarlem. Enjoy a fantastic view of the historic city centre, the banks of the river and beyond.

History of De Adriaan windmill

Although it looks very old, the present structure is actually a replica of the original mill. This was built in 1778 on the foundations of an ancient defensive tower by Adriaan de Boois. Originally the mill ground tufa – a type of limestone – to trass, which was used for cement and paint. It also milled seashells and oak bark.

In 1802, De Adriaan was sold to a tobacco merchant, and tobacco was ground here until 1865.  The mill was then once again repurposed to mill corn. Unfortunately the original windmill burnt down in 1932. Thanks to the efforts of many of Haarlem’s citizens – and several attempts to finance the project – the windmill was reopened on 23 April 2002. 70 years to the day it was destroyed!

De Adriaan windmill on fire in 1932
The original De Adriaan windmill burnt down in 1932

Visiting the mill

Take a fascinating 45-minute guided tour around the “Molen de Adriaan” as it is known in Dutch.

On the ground floor you’ll find a permanent exhibition about De Adriaan’s windmill, as well as some information on the history of Haarlem. There is also a small souvenir shop selling windmill-related merchandise.

On the first floor you can enjoy a audiovisual tour of the Spaarne river. And on the second floor you’ll find an exhibition about the technical aspects of mills, and demonstrations over how grain is milled to flour. Certainly not to be missed is the view from the viewing platform – 12 metres above the ground.

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