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Visit Haarlem and discover why this charming, medieval city in North Holland is so loved by both locals and tourists! This Dutch city offers visitors a lively cultural scene, loads of atmosphere, excellent shopping and dining  – and is close to some great beaches too!

With so many picturesque tourist sights, excellent museums, boutique shopping, good hotels, sandy beaches and a wide range of restaurants, Haarlem is a great holiday destination or a wonderful city-break for a weekend away. It makes a great alternative for visitors wishing to discover an authentic Dutch city – and avoid the more tourist-trodden paths of Europe.

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Did you know: Haarlem is the capital of the province of North Holland, and is only 15 minutes from Amsterdam and Schiphol airport.

Secret European Gem

Visitors to Haarlem will soon discover just why the city and it’s surrounding villages are so adored by locals. The city’s lovely shopping streets- lined with little boutiques – lively markets and cosy restaurants add to the allure. Named by the Huffington Post, as one of the “10 Secret European Spots You’ll Want To Visit Stat” you should definitely include Haarlem on your European itinerary!

Adriaan Windmill Haarlem

Visit Haarlem, Flower Capital and More

Haarlem is at the center of the Dutch flower-growing district. Close to the famous Keukenhof gardens and flower fields of Lisse and Hillegom, the city is a great base for visitors to the Netherlands to see the tulips in full bloom.

Haarlem is the flower capital of the Netherlands

Only 15 minutes by train from Amsterdam, Haarlem is also an excellent place to stay for visitors to other Dutch cities in north and south Holland. It is also very close to historic Leiden, the cheese markets of Alkmaar and an hour from The Hague and vibrant Rotterdam.

Haarlem makes a great city-break from Amsterdam and other European capitals.

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Visit Haarlem provides English-language tourist information for visitors to Haarlem, the Netherlands. We recommend Haarlem as a destination for travellers who want to see another side to the Netherlands than the well-trodden paths of Amsterdam. Haarlem is only 20-minutes from Amsterdam – so is a perfect base or day-trip from the Dutch capital. Our reviews are independent and we strive to find the best The Netherlands has to offer for families and independent travellers.